They say preface. so they always be corious about the past and the future pf mankind.
                          But the most important things should be present (now).
                          Tke a deep breath into your inside and put in my paintings your sense point. Reat my lines and think about them.
                          And this moment is very important because I share the present  who are valuable for me. Ýt is you…
                          I borned on the 30 th of june with a laughter many years ago. Till today if I cry,
                          I also start to laogh.
                          till now, I lived and took serius my events in my life. But I see that how they are
                          funny now and learned how tos mile.
                          My nice school Osman Gazi Primary School, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Collage,
                          Moda Art School and at last academy. I thank to all mey teachers who educated me perfecty.
                          I bless God’s mercy and grace to whom aren’t alive.
                          The real life try to seems to be frightening toy us. How ever me live as how we wan’t to be. 
                          This is just “LOVE”. We can see how beatiful life is if we can use and feel love as a start o
                          The day., if we can reflect to people and to events we live during the day. Every I born agai
                          And again. I can’t live without excitement. Cause life is my color. I’m full fill love. I’m in lovewith mankind.
                          I can’t stop meyself,  mey feeling who run over with it’s violence. Tillthe first
                          lights of the sun to my stery of moon. I kiss, I love, who loves me. I just laugh who doesen’t love me.
                          This is Mediha. What can I? I borned as ana artist. I thanked to God, Who put a camere inside me  that shows the endless.
                          My paintings are signal an have massages for all human beings to whom look for love, to whom tells that
                          he found love to whom doesn’tsee God’s creation,to whom see nothing, to whom doesn’t know how to love,
                          to whom doesen’t know the value of life  and at last to whom behaves as he’s the soothsayer of this world.



                                        Love, if you want your lovers more

                                Love, if you love; your life’ll come more colorful

                                   Love, if you love God bless and protects you